Predictions for this year.

  • We predict a new revolution is coming worldwide.
"People have had enough of useless politicians representing them, when they have nothing in common."
  • All of the nations who say they have a democracy are clearly lying.

U.K. Direct democracy is the answer.

Figures below:

  • £2,000,000,000,000 per year revenue.
  • Depart all immigrants, unless they have at least two generations who have been born at the United Kingdom.

That will leave 30,000,000 legal citizens living at the United Kingdom. (Age group: 18+)
Divide annual revenue of £2,000,000,000,000 between 30,000,000 legal U.K. citizens.


£66,666.66 per year.
£5,555.55 per month.
£1,282.05 per week.
£183.15 per day.
£7.63 per hour.

20% tax on everything sold from the United Kingdom to all worldwide populations.

New World!

Very important. = Change the calendar format.

New calendar name="The New Age Pagan Calendar." Otherwise known as: "New-age format"

Say no to Gregorian=Inbreed=Bad News. = A Pope of Rome = the enemy of mankind!


Brand new:

360 days=1 year.

36-days=1 month.

10 months in 1 year.

Day's and month's only.


Eliminate the word. The word by the 10 to the 12 =Gone!

Get all known books and street names with any mention on "the word" , and replace with a positive name or title.

That Bonfire Day=Bon=Good Day=BonFire Day=today!

Eliminate the word holiday.

Because every day is just an Easy Day. =

(Easy Day 1-45=1 month) 360 easy Days =1-year.


Notes of day 1:

The word not, to be eliminated from all text from books. (Pulp the Fiction)=Pulp Fiction!

Because, to do it is always best.




Keep in either the present or future at all times.

Past is history, so keep in the archives, for reference only.

Your will then unblock more secrets that you have from your previous lives.

Avoid any type of milk when adult age!

There are now new formulations on the market for infants.

Without the memory eliminating drug in human milk.

Breasts are just for show on women, and always helps for a sold erection.

Something else to play with!

A male always rules the female.

When they do not, get another instead.

Show bossy females the door, and tell them to just "fuck off!"

They will either go and never return, or they comply with all your commands in the present and future.

Cattle cow's milk is for cattle only.

Even Soya milk. That is for the plants only.


  • Life formation:

Human life.

Plant life.

Animal life.

Insect life.

The longest form of life on this planet is plant life.

Therefore, should always be given the highest respect that they deserve.

Look after your plants and you will always receive the best oxygen = outdated word. Therefore, (Word change) with=oxigen. = More logical.


Keep it simple!

Recycle everything!

Make products in solid steel when you want it to last forever.

Titanium Steel is best.


Gold and platinum looks good, but far too weak.

That is why there is less gold and platinum than steel.


Build to last, instead of trying to show-off!



MC=MULTIVERSE-COPYRIGHT=1100 in Roman Numbers of letters.=Since my start of my journey.



Checkmate! =For all of infinity.


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